HP Calculator Repair



We have extensive experience on HP calculator repair, specially on the HP41family of calculators (we literlly "wrote the book" on HP41 repair!). We also routinely repair card readers, HP voyager calculators (hp12c, hp15c, etc.). We have also partners specialized on other HP calculator models, like Woodstocks, Classics and Spice series.

Typical repair costs are:

  • HP41 calculators: 60€ if no battery bay change is required; 80€ if the battery-ports module needs to be changed.
  • Card reader: 60€

You can send your calculator to our premises:

The Calculator Store 
Capitán Arenas, 38-40 ED 5-1
08034 Barcelona

Please contact us at for quotes on repair of your other HP calculators.

Most of the HP41 repairs are quite mechanical in nature and do not involve spezialized equipment. We have written a book on HP41 repair intended for normal, non-EE users: