The HP15C corner

The HP15C corner

The HP-15C is a high-end scientific pocket calculator with a root-solver and numerical integration. A member of Hewlett-Packard Voyager series of programmable calculators, it was produced between 1982 and 1989. The processor used the then new technology of Silicon on Sapphire that allowed ultra-low consumption. The 3 button batteries provided often lasted decades!

For many users, it is the pinnacle of HP calculator engineering together with the HP42s. Due to its popularity, and based on the then-new HP12c ARM-based platform, it was reintroduced in 2011 as HP15c Limited Edition. It was 150 times faster than the original, but it had higher consumption and the batteries would last around 4 months or normal use.

Free Leather Case with each HP15c CE Standard or Enhanced (offer valid until June 30th)

On May 2nd, 2023 HP announced the new HP15c Collector's Edition: the new version, with more speed, more memory and more battery life than the previous iteration. 


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Product no.: overlaycable

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New HP15c CE User Manual

Product no.: Manual HP15c CE

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HP15c enhanced pack

Product no.: HP15c_Enhanced

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HP15C Collector's Edition

Product no.: HP-15c #INT_2

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Product data sheet
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HP15c enhanced pack - B stock

Product no.: HP15c_Enhanced_B

No more units available

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Test overlay for HP Voyager calculator

Product no.: Overlay16

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Data cable for HP calculators

Product no.: POGOcable

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New Firmware Flashing service for HP12c, HP15c

Product no.: FlashVoyager

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Leather cover set

Product no.: Leathercovers

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New HP12C battery cover - new model

Product no.: HP12c cover[1]

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New HP12C battery cover

Product no.: HP12c cover

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New Collector's Financial Calculator Pack+15c

Product no.: Financial Pack+15c

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HP15c new self test

Self test procedure for the HP15c Collector's Edition

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