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WP34s Pack

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Excellent product (HP) and perfect "modding" by the seller. (11/01/2016)
I've used it rarely until now, but the quality fo product is impressive. The shipment was perfect as well as packaging,
I apologize for may poor English.
Excellent product and highly recommended (27/04/2014)
The only thing that can be improved is adding another set of keyboard decals by default (there is another purchase option that includes it, I think). Also dispatch could have been a tad quicker. Otherwise, excellent and highly recommended. After all, there is no better calculator on this planet right now, and one can't beat the warm and fuzzy feelnig of supporting open source, either. :D
Very good! (09/09/2013)
It's a very good project and the calculator is famous!

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WP34s Pack-0001 1 overlay
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WP34s Pack-0002 2 overlays
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