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New Prime

Just received and opened the new HP Prime.

Yes, I said new: this is the new, improved, G8X92AA model, which supersedes the former NW280AA. This new one will work with the wireless dongle, and works flawlessly with the Stream Smart 410.

The previous model, NW280AA, won’t work with these add-ons.

prime_codesThere is no way to tell one from the other in the calculator body - everything is exactly the same. No difference at all. I agonized to find any difference, but I could not. Even the writings in the back plastic half were completely identical in both cases. When starting up, the firmware looks different (and simpler) in the new one.

You can tell one from the other by the box. In the lower right side of the back of the box, you can see the model number. See enclosed picture

We guarantee you that, having already finished our stock of old NW280AA units, you will only get from us the new model.

We also received the Smartstream 410 data gathering information, and a couple of Fourier probes to perform some experiments. Being an EE, I set for a multi-range voltage probe and a Ampere probe. There are many - and you will see the list of them in our product list when we have finally received all of them in our stock. To name a few, there are pressure probes, PH meters, accelerometers, …

While I write, I had to leave the SmartStream on charge for about 5 hours. The power it receives from the calculator is not enough - and it would drain the Prime’s battery in no time. I suppose that the system is designed so that the Prime can only get power through its nano-USB connector, not provide it.

I am now going through the SmartStream user manual, which begins by calling the device MCL, standing for Mobile Calculating Laboratory. The SmartStream can accommodate up to 4 simultaneous probes. These probes can supply data sampled at several thousand samples per second. The user manual is not specific enough about it, but the data sheet says “5000 and more”. So you can see that this cannot act as an oscilloscope - except for very low frequency analysis, like temperature, voices (and that forgetting the upper harmonics). It can also be set to specific periods of time. It is intended to fill the HP Prime memory (for example, in the statistics app) with data from the 4 sensors, and then the student can perform different analysis, model fitting, graphing, etc., with the HP Prime workhorse.





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