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A comprehensive HP literature site!



Eric Rechlin, of fame, has created (with the help of many but mainly based on his own gigantic effort ) what can possibly be the biggest HP calculator related document site.

You can acces it in this URL:

You can filter by language, author, source, related model and free text. Well organized and including many new scans. The list of documents is in continuous expansion and lists more that 1180 pdfs.

I have checked the quality of some of them and it is magnificent! I am far from checking all of them, or even a sizeable part of them - but many of those I have tested have been OCR'd, so that you can look for specific text - what would not happen on manuals taken as image only (many of the manuals that I have been using in the past). The difference is huge - mainly when you are looking for something in particular.

I wish you enjoy your visit to Eric's site - and that you can find what you were looking for!

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