Evaluaciones de clientes para Pieza para reparación de parte trasera de HP41c

Pieza para reparación de parte trasera de HP41c
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1 Piece for repairing HP41c back cases.

This piece is for repair of HP41c back halves, specifically the support of the upper screw heads that is often damaged, and very difficult to repair in a lasting way.

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Número de evaluaciones: 8
Evaluación media: 4,9
Works well to get a refurbished HP 41C
de Walter el 10/10/2022
fits pefect in a "dead" back case, but you have to be very careful with the glue - and patient because off the glue needs time to harden.
As well check the aligenment of holes!
Best use ist to read the book...
Lower case repair part
de Daniel el 26/06/2022
Good piece for the repair but it must be adapted. The holes are not quite centered. Once corrected, perfect.
Fits perfectly
de Axel Ahlborn el 02/03/2021
You have to be careful that nothing slips through the clamps when gluing.
surprisingly simple and effective repair of back case
de Markus Niederöst el 07/09/2020
It frees the rear half of the housing from the contact pressure that has to be generated with the screws, while it directly presses the part with the battery and bus contacts firmly against the printed circuit board.
Worked like a charm
de Dave Britten el 03/02/2020
I had two broken screw holes on my 41CX halfnut, and ordered the repair kit for a more permanent fix. Rather than glue, I used JB Weld Plastic Bonder, a two-part expoxy meant for plastics, and applied a thin coating to the whole mating surface of the repair piece. With a couple of small binder clips to clamp the piece in place, the set was strong enough after a couple of hours to carefully reassemble the calculator (and then handle very carefully for the remainder of the 24-hour cure time). I don't intend to do any drop testing, but the case now feels perfectly solid for everyday use, and much sturdier than my attempt to epoxy the original screw holes back into place.
Good, but needs a little careful preparation.
de Rob Schofield el 22/02/2019
A nicely designed piece, printed well. On balance, it does the job. I've bought two parts, for two different 41C's of slightly different vintage.

Slight problems, though - when fitted squarely in position according to the instructions, the screw holes are slightly off position on the case. The tie-bar between the two screw blocks is about 0.5mm too long, and the blocks need a little careful sanding to bring them closer in towards the centre line of the case. Doing this positions the holes correctly horizontally, but not vertically. Setting the correct vertical position for the holes (along the line of the case centre line) then leaves the horizontal line of the blocks out-of-place, so a little filing of the outer horizontal edges of the blocks is also required to allow the module contact block to correctly fit into place.

With a little bit of design refinement this item would get 5* from me, but in any case is a clever solution for the repair of the case bottom.

Excellent, recommended - but take your time with preparation before gluing.
Very good
de Anónimo el 27/02/2018
An easy way to fix a broken backhalf of the 41. Easy to follow online-instructions. I´m very glad that this product exists.
de Anónimo el 05/07/2017
I wanted to install a 41CL board in an HP 41CV but during the disassembly of the 41CV the two upper screw supports were broken. Fortunately I found this repair part and was able to repair the 41CV back and I've now a working 41CL. The instructions are detailed and very good. I had no troubles following them. I used the recommended glue (E6000) and it seems to be very strong. I'm now waiting for the availability of the screw post repair kit to repair a 41C.

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