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HP Prime
N.º de producto: HP Prime
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¡¡Nuevo Precio !!

¡¡Nueva versión HP-PRIME G2/B1S (2AP18AA) !! 

La calculadora HP Prime con pantalla táctil a todo color de Hewlett Packard es el último modelo de calculadora gráfica, con el sistema CAS más avanzado.

Esta nueva versión es aproximadamente dos veces más rápida que la anterior.

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Número de evaluaciones: 25
Evaluación media: 4,4
Top Quality - very much satisfied
de Vittorio el 07/12/2022
Though I am still 'studying' it, I am so far enthusiast about the huge capabilities of this marvel ! The online documentation is enormous, and it will take weeks of study to understand it, even if I was used to programming HP41, HP 28 and HP48. Beside, TheCalculatorStore provided me a top quality product. Congartulations José !
Very satisfied
de Anónimo el 11/04/2022
very beautiful too!, i installed the latest firmware, everything work perfect, some possibility. I was hesitant to buy it, but since the G2 version and the new firmware, an excellent tool that becomes more powerful and with ease of handling.
de Anónimo el 23/07/2021
The product is very nice and works well. It has great build quality, is very fast and powerful.
The screen is okay but not great, still useable (the viewing angle is not that good, also from what I know they used the screen upside down in the calculator so that’s why).

Overall I am pleased with my purchase.
Excellent. Just right
de Fergus O Neill el 21/02/2021
Delighted to receive the Prime promptly to Ireland from the Calculator Store particularly in these difficult times.
The calculator is relatively easy to use and a pleasure to explore. Other calculators may claim to be more powerful but are so complicated that it is easy to forget how to operate them if not used for some time. That is my experience with the TI 89 and I'm sure the HP50g is not that different. That is not the case with the Prime as its logical.
My maths understanding has increased as a result. The support material in the site is also very helpful.
The speed of the graph plotting is awesome and the ability of the touch screen to zoom and change scale makes it worth it for those alone.
I am learning about connectivity and downloading apps created on the emulator and thats before I even start learning about programming.
withholding judgement
de Steve Olson el 25/11/2019
I hereby modify my previous review to "withholding judgement". I was able to connect with Connectivity Kit by simply using another USB port. Regarding other performance criteria, I am withholding judgments until I can test it for speed and timing capabilities.
forget it; it froze, then won't connect with computer
de Steve Olson el 25/11/2019
I just purchased this with the understanding that it was the "new, faster" version of the HP Prime. I connected it to my computer, where the connectivity kit was already installed. The new calculator froze (I had to use the reset hole in back) and was never recognized the by the computer. The HP forum lists a long set of deleting and reinstalling the Connectivity Kit, all of which were apparently unsuccessful.
de Filippo el 07/10/2019
HP Prime G2: now is a mature product. Great build quality, good display readability, good keyboard, very long lasting battery, high calculation speed... and very beautiful too! Fast shipping, accurate packaging. Thank you TheCalculatorStore!
de Anónimo el 03/08/2019
Delivered quickly, very keenly priced. Calulator working AOK.
Very satisfied
de Otto el 05/04/2019
Fast shipping and great customer support.
First tried to purchase the calculator from HP directly but had a lot of trouble with it and they sent a two generations(!) old version.
Then learned about this shop and everything went smoothly. Will recommend to anyone!
Diferente mas muito bom
de ABS el 23/03/2019
Uso as apps no iPad, iPhone e PC, mas faltava a interação física que o teclado proporciona e que juntamente com o RPN permitem que o raciocínio flua sem grande atenção à calculadora. Excelente funcionalidade e ambiente de programação independente da calculadora. Fazem falta módulos para validação sintática em Visual Studio Code.
de Paul el 09/03/2019
The HP Prime totally lived up to my expectations. Thank you to Jose for distributing the latest version (G2) to Canada, as apparently unavailable here. Paul
very good, according the expectations
de mauro piombo el 14/02/2019
i bought for my son, an we are satisfied the caòlculator is the last model, the powerful, at a cheaper price with respect to other web seller
de Carlos A. Silva Ribeiro el 17/12/2018
Keeping the basic features of previous version of HP PRIME -from which i much appreciate the touch edition of values and expressions, this new version is by far most quicker, very interesting not only for students but also for professionals who value a reliable HP machine.
Excellent product.
de Anónimo el 23/05/2017
Excellent, so far. The HP Prime is a well thought and desined product with advanced math capabilities. Perhaps, the ultimate math tool for the engineer, like myself, the scientist, the student, the enthusiast. High quality constucted and super fast in what it does. Bravo to the HP team in Palo Alto, CA. Keep up the good work!
de Anónimo el 24/11/2015
With new firmware everything OK (so far). A bit surprise the keyboard click filling and color. Hard to read characters, I can image the whole calc in black
By phone
de Anónimo el 17/06/2015
It s an exellent ( amazing ) calculator, the best on the market for HP
Color, agree in exams, full fonctions, RPN

IThe best since the HP41

Great calculator but not as good as my old 50g
de Anónimo el 13/04/2015
de Anónimo el 05/03/2014
One of the calculator which is really good is graphing calculator online. It is used solve simultaneous equations, plot graphs and many other variable calculations and it is available online so you do not have to worry about carrying it acalculator
A very good calculator
de Anónimo el 03/01/2014
Gros consomateur de calculs, j'avais abandonné HP (67 - 41) pour une Ti 89. Mais je ne m'y suis jamais totalement fait.
Je retrouve avec la HP Prime, ce que j'aimais dans une calculatrice de poche.
Le Firmware a été adapté par HP et les bugs (la majorité ?) semblent corrigés (2013/11/25)
Et un service sur 'thecalculatorstore' impeccable.
de Anónimo el 24/11/2013
Exciting, and disappointing, at once
de Anónimo el 17/11/2013
Now I have my HP Prime for more than two weeks, and so I'm able to share some insights.

First of all, one must know that a HP Prime is basically two calculators in one housing. One is a classical calculator, residing at the Home screen, and performing calculations with 12 digits BCD, and the other resides at the CAS screen, performing calculations with 48 binary digits precision. Their interaction is very limited.

Now the pros: You get a very advanced, feature-rich tool with outstanding new concepts, like multi-touch screen. Leading-edge technology, five points.

And the cons: A very buggy, premature firmware, with legacy restrictions coming from HP39GII, like sums up to no more than a counter of 1000 elements, frequent freezes, sometimes no other way to power on than by paperclip reset. Bleeding-edge technology, one point.

At the end, I give three points for a something mixed impression. I hope for frequent Firmware updates, thus resulting in more points in the future. Conclusion: If you primarily need a reliable tool, and have no other calculator to fall back on, don't buy the HP Prime now. If you have some fallback possibilities, and if you like the fun of playing with one of the most advanced tools available now, get one ASAP!

Kind regards, Ralf.
This is a wonderful calculator.
de Anónimo el 09/11/2013
I am going to adopt this for my college classes. The emulator is terrific also. Being able to show the operations on a computer projected image makes explanations so much easier.
Jose and staff provide excellent service.
excellent product, I'm enthusiastic!
de Anónimo el 30/10/2013
I got it yesterday, so I dont have graet experience at the monent. But because I'm using HP-calculators for more then 30 yaers, I was able to get used quit quickly. For me the big improvements: the color-display, the touch-display, the speed, the absolut compatible, but separated fields of calculation, the usability. Only I'm missing hardly the "last-x"-function or/and an "undo"-function.
Keyboard inscriptions not easy to see
de Anónimo el 19/09/2013
I could "play" with the HP Prime for a hour. The keyboard feeling is good. You can type pretty fast without looking. The touch screen is clear and very responsive. It's intuitive to handle. The gestures make sense.
But HP choosed a very awkward color combination for the blue and orange inscriptions. These have nearly no contrast, You can barely read.. You have to wobble the calculator around to be able to read the inscriptions. This maybe worsened by the unprecise engraving. The keys just look cheap ! Probably after a while you can memorize the most often used keys and then it might be not so frustrating.
Nothing to rate yet...
de Anónimo el 13/09/2013
I can not rate a product, you have not send yet.

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