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more info about the HP41CL

Well, we sent the message yesterday and the first of the two calculators was gone. The one that remains is the tall keys one.

During this week end, I will assemble the other circuit into another calculator. Hopefully we will have the third one!

Meanwhile Monte told me that he’s ordered another set of 35. Already, 10 of them are gone too. The version is exactly the same as the previous one (v4), but it surprises us that the 41CL are going faster than expected, and, if anything, sales are accelerating.

If you have a HP 41c calculator and you want to have it thoroughly updated, you need to look into the HP41CL conversion. If you have some experience with electronics DIY, and you have the right (full nut) calculator, then by all means do it yourself. You will enjoy a good time, you will get a feeling of success and you will gain even more respect for the HP engineers that designed these machines to endure. Most of the telephones of today will not last as long as these calculators, that, after 30 years, are still going strong. And the CL conversion puts at your fingertips every known software module - you just need to put the module code in the alpha register, type PLUGX (where X is the port you want to put it in) and you’re good to go.

However, it may well happen that you don’t dare to risk your precious calculator. You have no repair experience and you feel you can’t do it. In that case, we do the conversion for you for 400 €, including the CL circuit, assembly and testing, 1 year guarantee and VAT included.

And finally, if you want to keep your calculator as it was, or you lost it many years ago and want another, but you don’t feel like buying again all the modules you wanted, you can order the full Monty from us (no pun intended!). The prices vary, depending on the options (serial port and serial cable, tall keys or not, the availability of a box, etc. You can find them here.

Please contact us at for more information or special needs.

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