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Patching Voyager calculators

We offer a flashing service for calculators using the POGO connector. These include the HP12c, HP15c and HP10bII+. There are community patches available for the HP15c. This patch solves the DEC bug in the non-manufacturer-supported HP16c mode, from a solution devised by a well-known community member. The second picture shows a calculator without the bug. In a calculator with the bug, it would show 105 instead. You'd need to send the calculator back and we will patch it and send it back. 

IMG_4647_Mediano IMG_0956_en_tamano_grandeThe DEC bug is just a display bug that affects the HP16c mode: the values are still correct in the registers. If you do not have the overlay, you may as well forget about it because you will never experiece it: it does not affect any of the two HP15c modes. 

If you order the HP15c Computer Science edition, which includes the overlay, you can also order the patching together when you buy it. You will receive the calculator already patched, working perfectly. This serves as well to weed out the odd defective unit, since we have to test thoroughly the unit before shipping.

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