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New version of wp34s: 3.3

photo_2The wp34 has just received a new upgrade. It goes now from 3.3 version to 3.4. As I did no follow it too closely, I don't know the improvements to this version. It uses the same key scheme as the previous one, so the only thing that you need to do is to upgrade the software again.

For those of you that don't have an interface cable, don't worry: our shop can upgrade your calculator for 12 € per unit, plus shipping costs. Just email us at and we’ll organize it.

We can also upgrade from version 2 machines, but in this case it needs to be necessarily more expensive, since the keys are different and you need a new key set. (There is an additional problem in removing the previous one - I have not managed to do it properly on mine, so I cannot vouch for aesthetic perfection.)

For those that want a RPN scientific calculator, there is nothing better under the sun, short of an HP 41cl (and yet, the wp34s is much faster and has a much bigger feature set at your fingertips). The double accuracy capabilities are unmatched for a calculator; and the constant set makes it excellent for any lab work. The hp prime is more nice to show to others, it can help you with algebraic maneuvering and is much better to use if you're a student; but when it comes to raw computing power, there is no substitute for the wp34s.

It is surprising that development is ever continuing, given that the designers are head on into a different, much more ambitious project, namely the wp43s, a calculator from scratch. We will inform you about that too.

(Meanwhile, Monte seems to be breadboarding a solution to bring the Time Module to the 41CL system. Let's see where it ends!)

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