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HP and the educational market


I have received the training materials of the HP educational meeting in Geneva. It is clear for me that there is a strong push of HP in the educational market - something that did not happen before.


Until now, HP had been the calculator of the professional: engineers, economists, accountants. Now, the computer has changed completely the way they perform their job. In most occasions, they have their computer open, and they can perform whatever calculation they need with Excel - and perform “what if” analysis much better than anyone could dream with a calculator. So there is not a real need for a calculator while for a professional anymore - unless he’s in a meeting and needs to give a fast answer far from a computer.


Now, a student cannot have access to a computer during class (can you picture the distractions with games and, above all, internet?), and even less so while in a math test. Then, the only help he can have is a calculator.


This evolution had been seen by Texas Instruments long ago, and was missed sally by HP. Apparently, they have seen it now, and they are into a multi-legged strategy for the educational market, where they join computers, calculators, multimeters to interface with them, and software to join everything.


Let me go through the material and update you in the coming days.

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