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Equation library for the HP Prime

If there is a problem with the HP Prime, it is the lack of software available for it for the different professional fields: finance, engineering, physics, etc. The calculator, while extremely powerful, and programmable in a much more user-friendly language than the elegant but complicated RPL, was intended for secondary education, with extension to university maths, due to its extensive CAS system. However, if you wanted to load a formula for any physics or engineering problem, you were out of luck - they had not been programmed before.

I have tried to put together some account sets in the solver app - but I am limited to 10 for each app I set for it; and the selection of functions, and its use, could be clearly improved.

I am now excited, since I have seen exactly what I was looking for. Eddie B. Shore has created an equation library with 47 different equations that can be loaded in the solver app, covering many categories:

  • Geometry (areas, volumes, surface areas),
  • Finance (monthly loans, sales tax, break-even),
  • Temperature Conversion (Fahrenheit to and from Celsius),
  • Physics: Problems of Motion (linear distance, circular motion, pendulums, terminal & escape velocity),
  • Sound (speed of sound, Doppler effect, loudness),
  • Optics (Lens and Snell equations, spherical refraction),
  • Electronics (2 resistors series and parallel, thermal noise, Ohm’s Law),
  • Astronomy (parallax, luminosity, Kepler’s 3rd Law, time dilation),
  • Great Circle Calculations,
  • Angle of Incidence Calculations,
  • Gases (Ideal and Boyle’s Gas Laws, heat capacity, air density, isothermal expansion), and
  • Fluids (depth pressure, fluid flow, Bernoulli’s Equation).

I am now traveling, but I really look forward to get into my computer and load it in my Prime!

You can find the file with the program here:

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