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Battery door for new voyagers

IMG_1648With the new voyagers you don't need to open the battery door for a long time. I am a heavy user of the HP15c Collector's Edition, and I have been using it from April when I received my test unit. It is still running on the original set of batteries (at least 7 months of testing and heavy use)

However, I am now using a lot its POGO connection in order to try new things firmware and other projects (of which you will know if they succeed), and I have to say that it is a real pain to use the screw all the time. It is also a little bit protruding and marking the nice leather cases we have.

We designed several years ago a battery door that never saw a lot of sales (as opposed to the battery door for the original HP12c - it seems that a sizeable number of them was lost and required replacement). Now I am travelling and unable to do any change since I have not a screwdriver with me - next time I will fit one of our doors instead of the screwed one!

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