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Battery adaptors for other calculators

Spice_back_-_1Next on the agenda is to prepare battery bays to use AAA calculators in place of AA-sized cells, and also to prepare back covers for a number of calculators. For example, I remember that I had a cracked back door cover in my HP33c when I was student. There was no 3D printing at that time (gosh - the computer I had access to was an HP85!), so I had to make do with tape.

Here is what we want to do:we have already the black silicone rubber feet, we just need to design the cover (which is similar in shape to others in HP, but with a different size). This is not a big seller but surely will help some of you! My friend Ignacio was very happy to be able to use again his Spices - which always failed on the battery side.


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