Evaluaciones de clientes para Kit de reparación para conector de baterías y puertos de expansión de las HP-41c/cv/cx

Kit de reparación para conector de baterías y puertos de expansión de las HP-41c/cv/cx
N.º de producto: Flex-PCB
Precio anterior 26,00 €
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Circuito adhesivo para reparación para los conectores de batería y puertos de expansión de la HP-41c. Envío incluído en el precio. 

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Número de evaluaciones: 36
Evaluación media: 4,7
amazin item
de ben el 07/04/2023
this saved my calculator and it easy to fix
de Anónimo el 06/03/2023
easy to install and works perfectly
Works well but not easy to install
de Mick Go el 18/12/2022
You must be very meticulous to install this flexible PCB. I have installed three already with different techniques each time. None of them is better than the other. Good product to give a second life to your calculator.
Muy bueno.
de Francisco el 11/12/2022
Fácil de instalar, siguiendo el tutorial y un video de youtube. Hay que empezar pegando la parte entre los dos conectores.
Good quality
de Mark Manzonelli el 25/09/2022
The battery bay/expansion port taper worked like a champ. At first it did not work as it was my fault for not putting the unit back together correctly. Once I figured that out, all was good
Top notch
de CCT el 22/04/2022
Very good quality product and premium customer service
top quality
de Collard el 13/04/2022
Very Good, Excellent
de Robert el 17/03/2022
The replacement is very high quality. Instructions very detailed. Installing or applying worked as expected.

Once installed it look like great and my HP-41CX work perfectly now.
Excellent Product
de Franklin el 09/01/2022
Installation requires attention to detailed instructions. I found that watching online videos before starting was especially helpful when doing the folding for 90 degree sharp bends. Using a thin plastic rule was essential in making punctures where illustrated, and during folding operation. Did two installs and both turned out to be perfect.
Great product
de kelvin el 15/09/2021
It was really easy following the instructions. Great for resurrecting a damaged battery holder.
de Bill B el 22/07/2021
Easy to install and fits perfectly. Tip: when cleaning the base use a flat piece of wood (tongue depressor for ex.) allows the use of a wrapped 100 grit piece of sand paper to clean and remove the small plastic nibs. Wipe down with an alcohol pad to remove any residue oil from fingers. Adhesion was not a problem.
Good product, hard to install
de Yannis Tzavaras el 18/10/2020
1) Very fiddly to install you need to be good with your hands

2) very hard to find the instructions on their web page

Once installed, worked fine!
Fits perfectly
de Thomas el 12/09/2020
Easy to apply and fits perfectly. My HP41 runs again!!
de R Peel el 06/06/2020
Great Product - Easy To Install.
Perfectos, sin problemas.
de Joaquim Compte el 22/05/2020
Con un poco de habilidad es facil la sustitución del antiguo por el nuevo. Perfecto.
looks beautiful
de JLE el 27/03/2020
The ribbon cable itself looks perfect! But as to MY ability to install it successfully is a different story. I just finished the origami folding, hoping to attach the ribbon cable some time today. Wish me luck.
It worked as promised - and then some.
de Charles Ess el 18/02/2020
The repair kit came with excellent instructions and important tips - these should be followed meticulously! It also turned out that the adhesive circuit is far more forgiving of error than I expected. It took me several tries before I managed to get it placed precisely on the plastic form - i.e., I had to remove and rest it several times. The adhesive still held reasonably well, even after the fourth or fifth effort. Jose @ the calculator store is also a champ in terms of offering quick and helpful advice and support when things don't go exactly as hoped and planned.
Exactly as Advertised
de Steven Archer el 07/02/2020
Was nervous about installation but instructions were detailed and I was able to carefully follow. Parts of the process are tricky but persever. What a relief when I screwed the back on, plugged in the batteries, and HP 41CV worked again! Thank you for supplying this part.
de Manfred el 22/12/2019
That saved the life of my HP-41CV. You need a lot of patience and sensitivity.
Excellent product!
de Mark Porter el 04/12/2019
Saved my HP-41CV. Easy to fit if you follow the instructions and take your time. Thank yo for stocking this item.
de Hassan el 27/11/2019
When my HP41CX broke down, I thought I would not be able to have it fixed at a reasonable price, given the date of production of the calculator. Then I found the Calculator Store site which provided the solution (to replace the flex PCB). I tried it and it worked perfectly for me. The process of installing is however a bit tricky and needs to take time to read carefully the instructions. They are detailed enough and have been recently updated and you can also find a tutorial on youtube.
Excellent, fits exactly and works very well (despite the application is a bit hard)
de Anónimo el 07/09/2019
de Anónimo el 24/04/2018
Works great, my HP41C is running again :-) Carefully read the mounting instructions an take your time.
Excelente resultado
de Anónimo el 26/11/2016
Después de 20+ años en un cajón ha vuelto a revivir mi hp41c. El conector se encontraba completamente destruido por la corrosión. El montaje de este kit es un trabajo laborioso, pero con paciencia y siguiendo el manual paso a paso lo he conseguido en un par de horas. He necesitado un x-acto de punta fina y una regla transparente para hacer los dobleces y para insertar el conector en la parte de los puertos de expansión.
de Anónimo el 02/05/2016
Worked as expected and saved my calculator. Bending and sticking the flex pcb to the block proved being a bit fiddly task though. Glad to see my HP-41CV working again after many years.
Saved my HP 41 C
de Anónimo el 11/12/2015
Absolutely no complaints. Prompt delivery. Good description available how to use the kit and it works just perfectly.
Great service! I am very pleased.
Works as advertised, very satisfied
de Anónimo el 23/11/2015
Installation was straightforward from the instructions (there is also a video on how to install). Adhesive may not be strong enough for the battery contacts (nothing a few watch screws can't fix). Was able to resurrect a dead 41C.
Muy satisfactorio
de Anónimo el 25/08/2015
Le devolvió la vida a mi HP41c después de 20 años!!
El gran detalle según mi experiencia es que se debe doblar adecuamente el circuito flex antes de intentar colocarlo.
También hay algunas partes que no pegan después de desprender la cinta adhesiva. Recomiendo reforzar el pegado de estas zonas con pegamento instantáneo (metacrilato). También es importante fijarse que una vez instalado en flex cable en la pieza plástica, esta calce bien con la carcasa posterior.
de Anónimo el 20/08/2014
I was disappointed
From the picture on the website (and above) I assumed that this was a complete component to repair the HP41, not just the decal which needs to be bent etc to fit on the existing part.
Great, works perfect!
de Anónimo el 06/04/2014
Happy, that my old HP41c is working now :-D
Thank you, Lutz
NO ha habido forma de conectarlo
de Anónimo el 02/03/2014
Mala; segui los pasos del manual descargado, y nada; no se ha podido conectar, dinero tirado a la basura; era una pena pues tenía puestas garndes esperanzas en el producto; ya que como dicen es bastante rñeplica del original..

Si alguoien tiene una sugerencias , se lo agredeceria; muchas gracias
great solution to give a second life to my HP41C
de Anónimo el 09/02/2014
Il circuito è fedele all'originale, le istruzioni per la sostituzione sono precise e chiare, il risultato è impeccabile.
Fondamentale l'uso di un bisturi per rimuovere i pioli di plastica e una tessera plastica spessa per fare le pieghe senza danneggiare le piste. il costo della raccomandata è molto alto (18€) e i tempi di spedizione sono stati di 1 mese.
de Anónimo el 31/12/2013
Very pleased with the product. Worked out very well following the instruction. Had my doubts about the sticky side of the PCB but it uses a very high quality adhesive so no worries! The more than 30 year old 41C went back to life without any problems after 10 years in a drawer. Took me some time to find TheCalculatorStore as a supplier of the particular part, came across it more by accident. There are likely more users that need parts so maybe an improvement of the search attributes on the website would help.
Trés bon produit
de Anónimo el 05/12/2013
Avec un peu de patience et en suivant à la lettre les instructions (y compris celles recommandant de passer l'ensemble au four !!!) on parvient à un résultat excellent.
J'ai pu faire ressusciter ma 41CV. Merci!
de Anónimo el 18/09/2013
Resulto muy sencillo de instalar y, tal y como se termino, la calculadora funciono de nuevo.
The product is usefull, also the documentation
de Anónimo el 14/06/2013
works ok, quality is very good, but the shipping costs from Spain to Germany of about 18 € for 3 such small light PCBs is horrorable.

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