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Repair service for HP41C

4e4da4ed-87a5-4e0b-a8c1-0e53b7642c46We have developed a number of techniques to repair HP41c calculators. These include the corroded battery bay, corrosion on the zebras in the full-nut calculators, broken lower posts, broken upper posts and broken back case.

However, we understand that to open a calculator is quite a daring enterprise for most of us - even if we're technically minded, it doesn't mean that we're DIY-inclined.

So we offer a repair service for HP41C, CV and CX calculators. The conditions are as follows:

  • Initial diagnosis is for free - but we may decide that it is non-repairable.
  • If repair is possible, the price is 40€ inclusive of all repair parts, except if a battery bay replacement module is needed, where the total price is 75€.
  • Replacement parts (back port covers, battery bay, side port cover) come in addition at 20% off the list price.
  • Owner pays back and forth shipping, and all import/export taxes.

If you're interested, you can contact us at , and we'll arrange shipping.


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