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New articles for this Christmas tree

We have received several calculators in good physical state that we have thoroughly revised and -when needed- repair.

Let’s list them here:

  • A HP41CV converted to HP41CL. Very nice physical status and completely new battery/back ports module
  • Same, but with a tall keys HP41C. Probably the best click we have  seen in a long time. Good tall keys are always better than normal keys in my opinion. Please email for pictures or more information
  • Two HP41cv machines. One of them is a full nut; the other is a half nut. Both are in very nice shape, with all back and side ports available.
  • Repair assemblies: nicely collated flex circuits onto original plastic inserts for battery-port contacts.
  • We also have memory modules, extended memory modules, math and stat modules (boxed!), a rare Home Management module, the powerful Advantage module, and many more goodies.
  • We also have a HP3478A multimeter that works well and still keeps the battery strong. 

We’re also preparing a HP 54201A Oscilloscope, for which the data battery died and we’re soldering a new one, good for 30 year more, and a HP 8591E Spectrum Analyzer, for which we’re doing a thorough testing - so far it seems to be working well. It is an amazing machine, that you can interface through HP-IB to your (old) computers. Please drop a line to to get more information about our measurement items.

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