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The HP16c Emulator (I)

There are three modules coming our way, with the latest modules as explained in the previous blog installment.

All of them have been loaded this week by Systemyde, so the owner will enjoy the very latest modules.

The one I am looking forward to is the HP16c Emulator module. I am not doing assembler, but once I did, so I was used to move figures from decimal to HEX and even sometimes to binary. But to be true, at that time we were using 8 bit words and 16 bit registers and addresses, so you can guess that we’re in the very first eighties!

This new module includes support for words of up to 64 bit - which is 8 of the old bytes! Even the HP41c registers were 1 byte shorter!

Monte (Systemwide “factotum”) told me that he uses it already, and defied me to use myself.

You can see the manual here:

This module makes use of the Library#4 created also by Angel Martín

Another day we’ll discuss the functions of Library #4 !

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