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Last HP12c Anniversary and HP15c Limited Edition!


It is a pity, but we have reached the bottom of our 30th Anniversary hp12c stock. There is only one left - and as far as we can see, there are not too many in stock elsewhere! If you want to have an hp12c, your only choice is to get the plain 12c, in normal blister packaging. No difference from specs point of view - same processor and speed; two cr2032 batteries instead of the three button ones of the original model. Some people insist that the Anniversary model has a slightly better keyboard; the only certain thing is that the % key label is of a different font in the “normal” hp12c, and aligned and same font on the Anniversary model.

When reaching for that last unit (which you can find here) we also found something special in our stock: a brand new, unopened, hp15c  We have put it in our shop here; it is priced accordingly. It will ship unopened, but together with a new set of batteries, since the original one have Ben in the machine for the last 4 years - and it can be guaranteed that they won’t last…


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