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New Fourier Probe list.

We have just received a new list of HP-compatible probes. Here is the full list. We have only announced the ones that are most likely to be of interest to you; but please contact us at, should you be interested in any of the probes in this list that you can’t see in the website:

Part HP - compatible

Number - sensors

DT001 Voltage ±25V

DT002 Voltage ±2.5V

DT003 Voltage 0–5V

DT005 Current

DT006 Current

DT008 Microphone

DT009–4 Light Multi-Range

DT014 Humidity (5% Accuracy)

DT015 Pressure

DT015–1 Pressure

DT016A pH Electrode + pH Sensor Adapter

DT020–1 Distance

DT022 Sensor Cable 1.5m

DT025 Temperature 0 to 1,200°C

DT029 Temperature –25 to 110°C

DT035A Conductivity Electrode + Sensor Adapter

DT037A Spirometer

DT040A Carbon Dioxide Gas, CO2

DT095A Turbidity 0–200 NTU

DT122A Smart Pulley

DT137 Photo Gate

DT138 Acceleration

DT148A Rotary Motion

DT155A Heart Rate (Pulse)

DT156 Magnetic Field

DT185A Colorimeter


DT222A Oxygen Sensor Adapter + Oxygen Electrode

DT272 Force

DT298A Heart Rate (Exercise)


Also, we inform that we had to adjust the price list. Mostly small upward movements, but some probes (like the light multi range) got a significative reduction.

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