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Clarification on HP41CL pricing

A few comments regarding the pricing of the HP41CL units (for which I have received several enquiries)

The price is based on an assembled HP41C/CV units with the latest CL module from Systemyde. On top of that, there may be other options:

For a “plain” HP41CL, the cost is 609 €. This price includes VAT in European Union.

If a serial module + cable is added, the price is 649 €

If the calculator includes an original box with manuals, then the price is 725 €. The amount includes the serial module + serial cable.

Finally, if we’re able to locate a Time Module, with a typical standalone price of 150 €, you can buy it for 725 € for the base model, 774 with serial cable.

Be aware that this price can be valid for the current circuit lot!: the currency exchange ratio with USD will make future purchases much more expensive.

You need to take also into account that these units work perfectly, and have the original battery connector, with no signs of rusting, and sport all ports. When you buy a second hand calculator, you will find that some just don’t work - or you can’t make them to work, or you need to replace the battery connector with a repaired one, or the original case has deteriorated and produces the “black dust” that gets everywhere… We think that if you pay north of 600 €, you should only have excellent units - but we need to factor in all the units that were not so good and were left behind. This is roughly 30% of units!


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