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3 more HP41cl circuits here!

I have just received three more circuits for HP41cl (Monte, if you’re reading this, yes, this is how long it takes when using standard post services. Next time I’ll order UPS instead), and I have two available bodies to install them in, so one will have to wait for the time being…

If you’re reading this and don’t know what an HP41cl is, you must have been quite isolated during the last few years from calculator land. In short, it is everything you ever wanted the HP41c family to be: fast, with all modules built in, expandable (something the HP42s never was). It consists of a modern pcb circuit, completely back-compatible with the HP41cx firmware, but with much more memory than the HP41cx was ever able to manage, with all modules ever developed, many more functions, serial I/O, etc. This module is retrofittable to most “full nut” HP41c/cv/cx calculators. You can tell whether yours is a full nut by the square corners of the screen (while the half nut, more modern models, that have all logic in a single circuit, have a screen with rounded corners)

You will find more information about the HP41CL elsewhere in this website. It can easily be the last calculator you’ll ever need…

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