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Transport costs and cash-back offer

Transport regulations are getting increasingly tight and this is affecting the way we ship. To begin with, the Post office is beginning to flat-out refuse any package that contains Lithium batteries - and this includes any kind of mobile phones but the HP Prime too, but also we need to take care of which batteries are coming as standard with our calculators.

As a consequence, we have had to move to another courier company, naturally more expensive, but with shorter delivery times.

On another level, the Spanish customs (and in general, all of them) are getting increasingly picky with paperwork, asking us to deliver DUA documentation for any package over 100€, which makes most of our shipments. This has to bear an external approval and therefore requires an additional 18€ charge for these destinations, apart from the normal shipping costs. This will be updated in the respective shipping pricing.

This rule only applies to out-of-EU countries, like Switzerland and the US. For Norway we have an alternate shipping method that requires less paperwork, so this rule will not apply - unless new regulations make it necessary. These three are our main non-EU markets. Anyway, look at it differently: you save VAT, while other EU buyers don’t.

On a lighter subject, let’s remember to our esteemed readership that the cash-back offer we talked about two days ago will only last until the end of September - that is, 11 days to go!

The offer, valid for France and Spain only, gives back 30€ for any purchase of a HP Prime, and 15€ for any purchase of one of the following calculators:

  • HP 35s
  • HP 12c
  • HP 12c Anniversary
  • HP 12c Platinum
  • HP 17bII+
  • HP 39GII
  • HP 50g black
  • HP 50g blue

For the HP Prime and HP12c Anniversary, we also maintain free shipping within the EU.

As someone said: “one more thing”: we’ll never stress enough that we’re selling the new HP Prime model, the G8X92AA, with optimized I/O USB hardware, that can run both the wireless dongles and HP’s Streamsmart 410.

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