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New products in the web

Today I am beginning to put in the website some of the modules I have. Some of them come with manuals, even a couple of them boxed.


Now that I have the mighty HP 41CL, there is no need for physical ROM modules. The only modules that may be necessary are the ones that have other utility beyond the ROM itself: the infrared printer module, the HP-IL module (of which I have now 2: one for me, and another to be sold with a HP 3468A multimetre to create a “vintage calc lab”) and the time module. These I will keep.

The modules I will be putting in the accessories part of the web are the following:

  • A CCD module, complete with manual and byte combinations sheet.
  • A Math-Stat module, boxed, with overlays
  • A home management module, boxed, with overlays
  • An Advantage Pac, with manual
  • A couple of X-Memory modules.
  • A couple of X-Functions modules

As soon as I modify it to European voltages, I will put in the web an HP 3468A HP-IL multimeter as well. I am keeping another one for me - it is amazing what can be done with that multimetre, a time module and a HP41c.

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