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HP12c is back


The HP12c has been absent in Europe, Africa and Middle East distribution since at least 3 years ago. The HP management at the time could not comprehend that someone could prefer the HP12C (the one in "gold") vs the HP12c Platinum. The latter has 4 times the program memory of the former; can do more cashflows and has a double entry mode: algebraic and RPN. It also has a backspace key, something I miss a lot in the 12c (and which cleverly was included in the more advanced HP15c). The HP12c, on the other hand, is now several times faster, has a much more elegant color scheme (without the garish bright blue and red-orange colors), and has nicer screen characters (less stretched than the Platinum's). So they decided that with a single stock item they could cover both bases.

I have seen that there are many more HP12c users than Platinum's. Many financial guys are just accustomed to the 12c and would not change it for anything else. My former boss has a quite early unit that has been with him forever. He doesn't remember when he changed batteries last time. There are many that just want his trusty tool again and again - when they lose it or it is stolen from them.

Let's take a look at them, shall we? so that you can appreciate the keyboard color schemes and the screen characters. You can see the timeless taste of the original HP12c, compared with the bright colors, made for daltonic users, with the newer HP logo, of theHP12c Platinum


By the way: we think that both deserve our new leather covers over the ones supplied nowadays: Brown for the 12c, Bordeaux or black for the Platinum

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