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A new set of cables available.


I am putting on sale my own set of loudspeaker cables. The reason for selling them is that they are a tad too short - 1.7m when I need something in excess of 2.5m in my current set-up. 

The cables are based on Goertz MI2, but I have made some changes to it.

  • First, take it to and cryogenize it. (Deep Cryogenic treactment, DCT, is when temperatures go below -175ºC). It is the same company that did the service to Townshend Audio - the makers of the Townshend Isolda, a similar cable with very good reviews. This changes slightly conductivity, a lot ductibility (you can feel it by handling it), but it makes it much "airier" and "sweet" when playing music. It really makes a difference
  • Second, take the polycarbonate transparent sleeve (which ages quite badly) and replace it with a Nylon mesh - a much lower dielectric density.
  • Third, we take out the intermediate teflon film between both conductors - then the only dielectric is the extremely thin polyester terephtalate films on both conductors - therefore lowering even more the characteristic impedance.




























The Goertz cables are well suited to tube amps and specially to low-impedance loudspeakers, in particular those that have a difficult treble range: electrostatics, ribbons and Gallo CDT tweeters. The it is really magical: the characteristic impedance of the tube amp, the cable and the loudspeaker match perfectly and magic occurs. These loudspeaker cables have the best soundstage I have ever experienced; and they have a bass to die for.

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