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corroded connections


caig_deoxit_100Now I have a pile of calculators to fix. Many of them have corrosion points in the circuits and -above all- in both sides of zebra connectors. 

No matter how thick the corrosion layer is, our recommendation is to put some drops of Caig DeOxit 100% (although other formulations (5%) may work too) and let it act for a little while. Then you can remove the crust of corrosion with a flat small screwdriver. You will be surprised because most of the crust will go and you will see the yellow colour of the copper below!

There are some areas where the corrosion is more difficult to remove: the parts where the main current happens. The additional resistance that builds up with the initial corrosition creates some heat that burns the debris in the metal path and makes it much more difficult to remove. One of the main causes is the "dust" that comes from the disintegration of the fabric inside the vinyl cases. 

(By the way: it is a good practice to wash the vinyl cases to remove the dust. Use normal soap and doit by hand)

This product barely leaves any residue, and although it is quite expensive lasts a lot (if you use it drop by drop). 

This product is typically used in audiophile circles to improve the conductivity of the Hi-Fi connections. I discovered there but it can be used in any case the connection is not good. It is one of the products you feel proud to recommend, like in "you will thank me to bring this to your attention.

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