Evaluaciones de clientes para Funda de cuero para HP12c, HP15c y otras Voyager

Funda de cuero para HP12c, HP15c y otras Voyager
El precio incluye el IVA

Funda de piel auténtica para las calculadoras de la serie Voyager (HP12C, HP15C, HP10C, HP11C, HP16C)

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Número de evaluaciones: 20
Evaluación media: 4,7
Looks simple, but is a perfect spare part
de Thilo Niewoehner el 12/08/2023
I bought these to give my HP 16c calculator a new home. They fit snugly over the calculator and I don't have to be afraid that they part ways in my suitcase. :)
The leather texture and feel is also very nice.
Definitely worth it!
de Czech HP user el 08/06/2023
The case is well made, the leather is soft. It's actually a bit roomy for the HP 12C I bought it for.

But I agree with a previous reviewer who wrote that the case is a bit short. For me it's not an annoyance because my HPs stay in the desk drawer but it is definitely noticeable.
Great Quality, Great Fit
de Anónimo el 01/05/2023
An excellent case for Voyager series calculators. It is made of soft but sturdy leather with a pleasant touch and feel. With its taylored fit this case is a true replacement for the original vinyl or PU covers.
Perfect for a PX16C !
de Houbert Pierre el 29/04/2023
Third leather case...
This time for my PX16C, clone of HI16C.
Once again the perfect product!!!
Perfect for a PX15C !
de Anónimo el 04/04/2023
Exactly like for my PX41C...
My PX15C didn't have a case, the "True leather case for HP12c, HP15c and Voyager calculators" is perfect for this HP15C clone !
Good dimensions and in addition a good quality product. (with a reasonable price for true leather)
Very good
de Anónimo el 02/04/2023
de Francois el 13/03/2023
I have ordered this leather case as the replacement for the very well worn HP one on a 15C LE.
I am very pleased with the result. The fit is good, as is the quality of leather used, it looks a lot better and will surely last a lot longer than the original.
Happy camper!
Almost perfect
de Daniel Lower el 11/01/2023
I love the color (bordeaux) but find it just a little too short maybe 5mm from the original case so it feels like the calculator isn't in far enough to protect the very edge. Maybe it will soften and improve but would prefer a perfect fit out the box.
Excellent for PX41C !
de Anónimo el 12/12/2022
My PX41C didn't have a case, the "True leather case for HP12c, HP15c and Voyager calculators" is perfect for this HP41C clone !
Good dimensions and in addition a good quality product. (with a reasonable price for true leather)
Super quality und perfect fit
de Hans-Dieter Schaefer el 07/12/2022
the leather case is having super quality und perfect fit to the HP-15C
Good replacement
de Hans el 05/11/2022
I have a HP15C LE with a case but it was totally worn off. This one is better but it is just a tiny bit toolarge. Usable, but it could be more tight
Excellent HP12 case
de Odd Haavik el 17/10/2022
Genuine leather, solid stitching and great fit. Way, way better than the case that comes with the 12C Platinum these days. Really pleased with this case.
de Carlos A. Silva Ribeiro el 03/08/2022
better than original HP case
4 stars
de Gary el 27/07/2022
This is genuine high quality well stitched leather. It could have been 1/8 (.32 cm) longer. It'll do. I do appreciate this site, however! There's not one like it...anywhere.
A wonderful accessory to a classic calculator
de Chuck el 26/06/2022
The fine leather case provides good protection to the calculator while still making it readily accessible when needed. Slips easily into a shirt pocket as the Voyagers were originally designed to do. Recommended!
Fits perfectly in my HP11C.
de Jordi el 16/05/2022
It is ok - but not more
de Heiko el 14/03/2022
The leather and the overall quality is fine, but the case is too short! In my opinion, it should be at least 1cm (better 1,5cm) longer. With this case, it is impossible to protect the complete calculator.
Nice quality case
de Anónimo el 08/02/2022
Very nice quality product that fits and protect my HP11C well.
very good
de Bruno Periotto el 20/01/2022
robust and similar to original; fits and protects
Really nice case!
de Morten Olesen el 16/01/2022
My HP 15C fits exactly in this case. A most welcomed improvement compared to the standard case originally delivered with the calculator.

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