Spacer set para reparar HP41c

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Set of 8 pairs of spacers for nut-screwed full-nut HP41c calculators. Substitutes the nuts that are screwed on the lower posts to secure the circuit. These nuts can only be used a couple of times before the posts are destroyed. The diameter is just right for the original posts, and the height can be chosen to adjust perfectly so that the case can be closed completely and the pressure to the zebras is transmitted efficiently.

The heights provided are: 1,2mm, 1,4mm, 1,6mm, 1,8mm, 2,0mm, 2,2mm, 2,4mm and 2,6mm

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Soporte zebra Soporte zebra
12,00 € * Notificar sobre disponibilidad
Kit de reparación de postes de HP41c
40,00 € *
Pieza para reparar postes inferiores Pieza para reparar postes inferiores
16,00 € *
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