Oslciloscopio Digital HP 54201D

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The HP 54201 A/D is a general purpose digitizing oscilloscope with 300 MHz repetitive bandwidth and a single-shot digital storage bandwidth of 50 MHz (200 rneqasamples/second), with infinite store time and waveform data output. It also provides parametric information about the analog characteristics of waveforms.

The HP 54201 D has all the features of the HP 54201A with the addition of parallel and serial logic trigger qualification capabilities. The HP 54201 D includes 3 pods, each containing 8 bit + 1 parity bit + clock organization.

​The oscilloscope is tested and self-calibration run sucessfully.  It has all 4 feet replaced rencently. 

The key features of the HP 54201A/D Digitizing Oscilloscopes are:

  • 300 MHz repetitive bandwidth with ±200 ps time-interval accuracy.
  • 200 rneqasarnples/second sample rate, 50 MHz single-shot bandwidth using post capture data interpolation.
  • Capture two channels simultaneously.
  • Holdott-by-events to trigger acquisition after a specified number of events.
  • Pre-trigger viewing.
  • All front panel controllable parameters can be programmed via HP-IB.
  • Continuously updated automatic waveform parameter measurements with user-defined thresholds.
  • Waveform math: Ch1+Ch2 and Ch1-Ch2.
  • Set up aids such as automatic waveform scaling, ECl/TTl preset levels, and save/recall of front-panel setups.
  • One button hardcopy to HP-IB printers and plotters.
  • Digital logic trigger qualification
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