HP12c vs Platinum

Some comments about the HP12c and the HP12c Platinum and its differences.

Looking for info about this difference, you may have found this in internet: however, you should now that this is very outdated and that does not reflect current status!! Scroll down to see what has changed since the originalbrochure was published.


The brochure was referencing the original HP12c. So, here are some comments:

  • The HP12c is now around 25 times faster than the HP12c Platinum due to its powerful ARM-based Atmel processor, running up to 48 MHz. The Platinum continues to use a 6502 processor derivative. This shows a clear difference specifically when solving for i or IRR with long cashflows.
  • The HP12c screen contrast can now be adjusted in the same way as the HP12 Platinum.
  • The case of the HP12c is far more comfortable and useful than the HP12c Platinum's.
  • The colors of the f and g keys, and the alternate labelling, are far more statisfying in the original HP12c
  • The undo, backspace and algebraic entry, as well as the 400 programming steps, remain a feature of the Platinum alone.

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