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The HP Prime

HP_prime_front_pictureThe HP Prime is still the most powerful calculator around. After 8 years from its inception, and after several improvements in its software and applications, it is still a fantastic student tool. (The fact is that professionals have different needs once in office - better served by a smaller calculator like a 17bII or a Voyager family calculator)

Have you ever tried to play one of the graphic games that can be downloaded off Written in easy HP Basic, a derivative of the simple Basic we all knew, is incredibly fast despite being an interpreted language. A programming challenge to children would be to create a short game in basic. The examples you can see in hpcalc are simple but exciting. I will look into other sites (notably in France there is a wealth of HP Prime amateurs)

The newer Prime versions (G2 and later) are still faster than the original, so these games need to be adapted to the superior speed of the calculator. (that would be an even simpler exercise: look at the game program and find the place or the variable you need to touch to change the timing of the game)

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