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Some more blue HP50g

DSC_7756smallUntil now, we have sold blue HP50gs in Spanish-Portuguese packaging. This has not affected users from buying the model, since it is well known that the calculator itself is only in English, and the box languages have only effect in the manuals printed and shipped with the machine. Now, when ordering from our distributor, we have received French, German, Italian and Dutch. Please write to if you want to obtain one of these.

I have not decided myself which of the HP50g I like best. On one side, the black colour makes a "professional" impression; but, truth to be told, the contrast of the orange labels is limited - and probably a bad choice if you're visually challenged. I am begining to be so, when approaching half a century.

On the other hand, the blue colour HP50g looks younger, decidely student-like; but the letter contrast is so much better than the other.

The one depicted in the picture besides shows the Spanish-Portuguse model, just because it was the only picture available when writing this blog issue!

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