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New Service - second hand equipment market

On the request of many customers, we have decided to open a forum dedicated to selling and buying old equipment. It seems that many of them have duplicated equipment that they want ot sell or exchange.



Here are the rules:


  1. This forum is devoted to the selling and buying of used equipment between registered users of the site.
  2. TheCalculatorStore bears no responsibility whatsoever regarding all businesses happening in the forum. 
  3. TheCalculatorStore reserves itself the right to remove any add without giving reason. 
  4. All operations are assumed to be customer-to-customer. 
  5. TheCalculatorStore does not levy any fee whatsoever from either seller or buyer. 
  6. Posts can be in any language the customer wants to use. 
  7. Inclusion of pictures is recommended. In case of difficulties, please send pictures to
On other grounds, no specific news on the news directions HP announced yesterday. Hope for the best. We were so close now for some exciting would be a pity to stop that close...
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