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Measure conversion facility for the HP-41CL

Here is another simple program that I use in my HP-41CL. (It’s an advantage not to be concerned with memory usage, and even being able to switch different environments!). It was written in very much the same manner as the currency translator.

Our company has factories in both the European Union and USA. All shipments in Europe are denominated in Tons, while all shipments in the US are in pounds. Similarly, while all surface painting is measured in square meters in Europe, it is in square feet in the USA. As well, there is a production item that is measured in meters in Europe and feet in USA. And while we don’t sell anything in volume, I just added gallons to liter and miles to km for the sake of using the whole upper row and be prepared for my next trip to the USA.

The criteria used is the same: press the function key to translate the value TO international system; press shift-function key when translating FROM international system.


2 “Lb ft 2 G Mi”




6 RCL 29

7 /


9 LBL a

10 RCL 29

11 *

12 RTN

13 LBL B

14 RCL 30

15 /

16 RTN

17 LBL b

18 RCL 30

19 *

20 RTN

21 LBL C

22 RCL 30

23 x2

24 /

25 RTN

26 LBL c

27 RCL 30

28 x2

29 *

30 RTN

31 LBL D

32 RCL 31

33 /

34 RTN

35 LBL d

36 RCL 31

37 *

38 RTN

39 LBL E

40 RCL 32

41 /

42 RTN

43 LBL e

44 RCL 32

45 *

46 RTN

47 END

Of course, we use one register less than in the previous program, because we only need one for feet and square feet!

I assign it to a shifted key in the user manual. If I ever don’t remember where a conversion was, just press that shifted key again.

Despite its simplicity, it is very convenient to perform fast translations - actually faster than the HP48 family of calculators using their unit menu (there is far more navigation to reach the page where you can actually perform conversions. Let’s not talk about the prime in RPN mode!). And in my job, I can use it several times per day.

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