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Leather cases for most significant calculators

We have planned to sell a range of calculator cases for several models - all of them made from Ubrique cow leather. You have seen the tests of the HP12c - which was the easiest of all possible cases. You can see the test below. A question would be which other colors may be interesting. We have seen samples of Burgundy (nice) and Brown (very, very nice). If the original black model sells well, then the brown is next, and the burgundy will follow.

The next model will probably be the Pioneer case, also in leather. It is just slightly longer than the HP12c's, but the same profile - and it also can be used with the newer HP17bII+ (tested with the originals). The factory has already the original samples and could start production if we see that the Voyagers sell well. The original 12c vinyl case had a better texture than the Pioneer cases - although there has been an evolution to a very plasticky version over time - I am thinking about the cases I receive with the HP42s. Also these "plastic" cases break much more often - it is difficult to find a really "complete" unit. However, finding a replacement is quite easy, easier in fact than with the Voyagers: you just need to buy a second hand HP10b off Ebay, and you have it. (you can even drop the calculator later :-)). 

Third in line is a case for the HP41. The original case is one of the ugliest I have seen. What were the HP guys thinking? The shape: I can understand that they thought that everybody would buy the card reader to have it included in the standard case. However, the color was ridiculous! Compare it with any other case built before, even for the humble Spices (hp31, 32, 33, 34, 37): much better!!

Here there are some questions to answer before ordering it, and I would like your input:

  • Sized for the calculator or for the calculator + card reader?
  • Color: Black? dark Brown? light brown (closest to the original)? Burgundy?


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Comentarios: 3

Fazal Majid |
RE: Leather cases for most significant calculators
I can't actually see the videos for either blog post.

HP used to make a leather case for the Voyager series, my father has it for his 12C. It's a dark brown and has a flap and loop, so not open like the original slip case. I think the best case color would be one that matches the color of the calculator body itself, which is a dark brown, not exactly black.
Fazal Majid |
RE: Leather cases for most significant calculators
Yes, the one you put a photo on in the next blog post, exactly.

My main beef with it is that it takes longer to extract the calculator, and you made the right decision to make a simple slip cover like the original case, just made of leather.
Re: Leather cases for most significant calculators
I have one of those. While it is obviously very high quality (leather inside and outside, closing cover, double stitching). However, it is too good to carry every day with you, in my opinion. Also, the fact that it has "a side" makes it thicker and less good to handle in a jacket pocket. My opinion!!
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