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Just received the HP67 !!!

Just received the HP67!


Believe it or not, it is my first HP67. I bought it as a pack with an HP19bII without door, for 130 €.


(I know that it is quite difficult to find good condition doors for this model, but there is this thread in that gives us hope for this otherwise magnificent model – the only calculator before the 30b that had a complete set of scientific functions in a financial body, but with a much better user interface.)




Coming back to the HP67, I need to test it thoroughly. I have spare magnetic strips (to be used in the HP41cx reader), and I plan to test it tonight. I do not care that it does not work – there are plenty of resources to repair the gummy wheel syndrome that most calculators develop.

The seller warned me that the batteries would be flat and unusable. The good thing is that the connectors look shiny – proof that the acids have not leaked out.

The machine comes without a charger, but I have some in inventories. The pictures sent showed the machine working – let’s see it tonight.


Once connected, the machine works. Some keys are a little bit sticky – let’s see if there is a cure for that. I have now changed the batteries for spare new ones. I will leave the machine charging the whole night and see tomorrow if it holds the charge.

I have cleaned it with the normal computer cleaning kit – it looks now much better!

Used to the different LCD screens, to come back to the red LEDs of my infancy brings warm feelings to me…

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Jim Creybohm |
RE: Just received the HP67 !!!
Congratulations on your purchase!

I purchased a well used (much loved?) HP-67 several years ago. I remembered it as the high end computing machine at a time when I had an HP-21. I was in awe of the three coloured key legends, and the card reader. Such power!

I am certain you will be as thrilled with yours as I was with mine!

Jim, Canada
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