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HP 41c battery bay repair kit

HP 41C repair kit installed on battery connectorThe current batch of HP 41c battery connector repair kit are leaving us much faster than the first time. There was a comment in the web, whereby the user found that it was quite difficult to find the product in the search engines. I will now put it as first in the accessories list, so that it is easier to find it in the web; and also will announce it in google adwords.

If you have not seen it, I will make a brief description of it. If you have seen HP 41c/cv/cx in internet, you will find that a good number of them have rusted connectors. In many cases, this rusting impedes connection and therefore the calculator does not function. Many otherwise good HP 41c are not used and sold at discount prices, while the rest of the circuit does work (there are very few calculators that have a real circuit failure - it is either the connectors or the screw posts that are broken and do not provide enough pressure)

Diego Diaz designed a printed circuit in a foldable, adhesive material, that can be used to replace the original, rusted one. He has also prepared a short instruction sheet that make clear how to do it. So far, all users that have bought it from us have succeeded. The HP 41c repair kit is for everyone!

Be sure to download the instruction sheet that you can find in our website to make sure you don’t spoil your repair kit circuit.

You can see in the pictures that the result is impressive. However, I think that it is important to follow the instruction to “cook” it at 90º, so that the bends in the flexible circuit remain.

It is a pity that so many calculators are thrown out and discarded, when a fast, clean and elegant solution is available.

Should you think that it is still too much for you, you can try contacting us to do the repair for you at, if you are in Europe, or to if you are located in the US. They have fixed rates for repair, while we do prefer to see the calculator and then quote (in many cases a few pictures will suffice)

The HP 41c is the most successful calculator in HP’s history. While HP has never revealed the total number of 41s produced, it seems to be week over the million. Due to their robustness, many of the are still in use. And due to its easy programmability, they can still be used successfully for many applications where a graphic calculator is not required.

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Comentarios: 4

Martin Macrae |
RE: HP 41c batteries becomming scarce.
I have an HP 41CV, which I have repaired, soldering all the cross-conenctions by hand, so that the rubber strip is not needed between boards. The MN1500 batteries were costing about £4 each! , when available. Instead I soldered wires from the two end battery terminals and made up a 6V (4X AA ) battery box from parts from MAPLIN, a bit bulky, but the batteries last for ages compared. 4 X AAA s would also work, or even 4 X AAAA. The original terminals were gold-plated and not rusty. Batteries are often left in to keep the memory, with the consequence of leaking alkaline goo! and dissolving everything they run all over. I
Also repaired the card-rerader roller, which dissolves, using a small part of model-aeroplane fuel pipe, (neoprene). both the rubber strip and card reader repairs were very delicate, but now work. HP41VC also has X-module and 3 memory modules all still working, Would be interested in an IR module for the HP42 if anybody has one for sale.

Also have a HP71B with extra memory and card-wand , and other accessories. all still working and I could sell this if anybody is interested, good condition. with manual and power supply, keyboard overlays Once used by DHSS and sold as a batch.

and: HP28C which still works OK, from 1987. HP49/50 HP calculator printer. Jornadas and IpaQs as well. but they are getting older and may well stop working. Next the HP Prime. ...

Martin M
Philippe Caïric |
RE: HP 41c battery bay repair kit
Hi Martin!
I'd be interested in your HP71. You can write to me at (temporary email address, valid for a week).
Thank you!

Jorg Derberg |
RE: HP 41c battery bay repair kit
Is there any way to still purchase these battery bay repair kits? I have 3 HP-41c calculators at home, all not working due to corroded contacts. Many thanks! Best - Jorg
Re: HP 41c battery bay repair kit
Yes, they will be available again once my order arrives from the factory in China. It is just taking longer than expected to arrive!
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