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Four new products


We have ordered production of four new products for HP41c repair - which will help many an amateur in our beloved calculators:

Lower screw - slightly longer (⅜ in) to "grab" on the lower part of the screw post (when the thread is broken with the normal size screws). Here you can see a pair compared with an original lower post screw.


Black screw: same, in A4 steel in black. Much more expensive but looks like the original.


Full set of screws!


And a spacer set to substitute the nut often found in early HP41c full-nuts. This nut can be used 2 or 3 times before it breaks the post or the thread is unuseful. The you can put a pair of spacers. As the height would depend on your zebras and your circuit, we supply 8 different heights in 0,2mm steps: from 1,2mm to 2,6mm



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