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Card reader repair



Another typical problem happening with the card readers is the axis' slipping. You have already repaired the gummy wheel and you realize that the electric motor slips.

Once opened the card reader, you take the motor and pull the axis out. You will see that the inner axis attached to the motor is much thinner than the outer jacket of the screw part of the axis. (I have no pictures now but will take them on the next repair). The void between inner axis and jacket is fulled with a plastic compound that also deteriorates over time. What to do?

We have found that securing the jacket on the axis with E6000 glue works too. You need to make sure it remains straight, and that the glue does not touch the body of the motor (lest the motor gets clogged completely!). Allow 48h to dry and assemble it again. What a surprise, uh?

I will have to update the book in that chapter once I have the pictures that go with it. 

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William Burbidge |
RE: Card reader repair
The E6000 glue recommendation was excellent. I have the print copy of the book and love it (a PDF downloadable with just the links would be nice).

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