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A boxed HP41CL and the HP19bII collectors' set

DSC_7732smallWe are putting together two new items:

  • A new HP41cl, coming from a version 41C, but boxed and with English manuals. It is already available as an option in the website. It is more expensive than the rest - but it is not so easy to get boxed units in good shape. More and more, we’re finding difficult to find units with un-corroded battery contacts. Yes, we know that this can be perfectly repaired with a repair kit, but some users may object to having a less-than-original calculator when they are paying north of 600 €.

  • A set of HP17bII, including all of the most significant models:

    • The original, brown color HP17bII

    • A black model - I have two available only, so only two persons will be able to have this pack

    • The gold, curvy HP17bII+

    • The latest, silver HP17bII+

With them, you have this part of the collection ready in just one swift stroke!

You will have the chance to compare all the different versions of what I feel is the most accomplished financial calculator ever made - and one of the 3 or 4 top calculators from HP - all types comprised.

(For the sake of clarity - the silver HP17bII in the pack is a new unit, in its original blister. You can choose in the instructions of the order which specific language you want it)

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