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Eddie Shore's blog - now video tutorials


We have already discussed the blog of Eddie Shore several times in this blog. A customer of ours, we knew about him before he purchased a blue hp50g from us.

His written tutorials in the blog are excellent - provided you have the patience of going through it carefully and with attention. I have that patience, but many don’t. I am now thinking, for example, in my children. Probably video gaming has changed their brain and the way it relates with learning. They expect to get the knowledge infused, matrix-like, instead of making the effor of going through a subject. And don’t tell me they are not able to pay attention - try to divert their attention from the video game they’re playing at a given moment!

For that kind of learning, you need something more intrusive in your learner’s mind - you need video tutorials.

I have just gone through Eddie’s first two videos. One covers the basic RPN procedures in the HP Prime - the second, called RPN Mode Tutorial - Advanced functions, covers practically everything you need to get started with the HP Prime at a decent level. You can find it here:


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New video tutorials for HP50g, HP12c

We have started to include video tutorials for some of the most frequently sold calculators.

These videos have not been created by me. I have selected them from a surprising amount of information that can be found in the usual video sites.

A video tutorial is no substitute for a proper read of a proper Hewlett Packard manual, but helps when you just have received the calculator and want to get started with minimum fuss.

Here are the 2 first pages that sport video tutorials;

HP 50g Tutorial videos - English

HP 12c Tutorial Videos

It is interesting the introduction made on RPN. Here is preaching the convert, but in the wild, it may help to convert some. It is just question of getting hooked!

We hope to introduce many more in due time...

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