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Different keyboards in new HP12c

I was surprised when one of my customers told me that I had sent a calculator with a sub-par keyboard. He sent pictures to me showing very different % keys, and others as well. Here are pictures of the "expected" keyboard and the "received" one:

Expected (and this is the one I am accustomed to see)


Received. Main differences: the % keys; the printing seems sharper; the numbers are clearly bigger in size but seem thinner:


My customer told me that he has heard that this keyboard is clearly worse in key feel than the other.

Here are both side by side:


Once received the sample, the keys were found to be equal to the "desired" keyboard, but it surely looks different!

In contact with my sources, it seems that most recent samples are of the "left" design, as opposed to "right", older one.

Of course, both of them are of the ARM variety.

Surprisingly, the anniversary version comes with the "old" keyboard.

No difference as well from the back:


(Same order)

Any knowledge to share on this?

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