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New products

We have put in our store 5 new products, that will be the collectors' delight:

- two units of HP 48sx.
- two units of HP 41cv
- one boxed unit of HP 28s

All of them fully functional, all of them in very good shape. I got an additional HP 41c, but, as it is a fullnut unit, I am planning to keep it in order to turn it into a CL version (the fantastic Monte’s processor board, with all the known pacs in place and full peripheral compatibility.)

I have already stated that the HP 48sx is probably the most beautiful calculator ever done. Other comments to this would be welcomed, but at least it deserves to be in the top three.


What to say about the HP 41c family? If you want to connect your calculator to equipment, this is still your only way. Agreed that the HP-IL units are few and far between; agreed that there are faster interfaces; agreed that it does not make sense to use a one-line calculator when there are 8 lines graphical calculators; but still, this morning I was at work with a 41c and the pleasure of the keyboard, the ease of assigning functions to keys, the sharpness of the screen, and the whole beauty of the device, made me feel in heaven.


And then, there is the calculator that heralded the new age: The HP28s. It has collector interest, and its 4-line screen was an impressive improvement.


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