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After the introduction of the HP 15c, the HP41c, while being the only alphanumeric, expandable, I/O-capable calculator, was not anymorethe best mathematical calculator. Therefore, HP set to implement the  best mathematical routines in the Advantage pac.

It included integrals, solver, matrix, Time Value of Money routines, and much more.

The HP-41 Advantage ROM is a 12K collection of the most popular programs from the MATH and STAT ROMs, the HP-IL development ROM, the HP-15C, the HP-12C and CCD ROM. There are under 17 functions in X-ROM 22 and 24 with four headers:

The first is /ADVCONV for Advantage Conversions with 12 functions like BIN, OCT and HEX in NVIEW. Plus only logic like NOT, AND, OR, etc.

The second header is /ADVMTRX for Advantage Matrix with 52 routines, all the three are M-CODE routines based on the CCD ROM.

The third header is /ADVMATH with 47 routines including Solve and Integrate from the HP-15C.

The fourth header is /ADVTVM for Advantage Time Value of Money with 6 user-called routines. These are TVM and PV, PMT, FV.

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