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offers for Black Friday - 3


4509629This is a calculator that was designed for China. Based in the same hardware-software platform as the HP Prime, and running the same HPBasic language (albeit with some less functions), this is a very powerful calculator. The main differences firmware-wise with the HP Prime is its lack of PRN entry method, and the lack of CAS. In the hardware side, it has very sharp screen with 16 grey levels, and a set of batteries run on parallel: yes, you can even run it with a single battery, but it won't last long that way!
And, at the special price of 50€ during Black Friday, it is a fantastic opportunity for a collector that wants to have the complete HP set.
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Offers for Black Friday - 1

Now that Christmas is close, it is the time to think about gifts for others - and for yourself. You can recall your youth, and the time when you were longing for an HP41c, and you had to settle with a lower choice; or you could afford it, but not the wealth of modules and options; or you had it, and got it lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair. Now you have the opportunity of having it back!
With a new processor, totally compatible with the original Coconut CPU but 50 times faster, having burned in its memory the contents of all known program modules and then some invented by today's programmers, and carefully assembled on pristine bodies without corrosion or screen damage, you can now buy the HP41CL from
  • 50 x speed compared with the original; Switchable to several speeds including the 1:1 original.
  • All known software modules of that time
  • Many new modules designed lately, including the Sandmath family, an HP16c emulator, complex numbers, advanced matrix, etc.
  • All the addressable memory of the original
  • Additional flash memory where you can download and write new modules.
  • Possibility of a serial module to download new modules and capabilities from your PC
  • Compatibility with all external modules and interfaces (time module, infrared module, printers, barcode readers, interfaces, etc.
Pricing: usually 625€; 550€ during the Black Friday period, and 625€ if we include a time module with manual. For more options, please look in our website

Limited to 4 units only.
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Black Friday - day two: more offers

4509629Several more prices have been changed for the Black Friday promotion

  • HP39GII - from 79,90€ to 59,90€
  • HP50g blue - from 105€ to 95€
  • Advantage module for HP41C - from 110€ t0 90€

Some other prices in the Audio area:

  • Musical Fidelity KW500 - from 2000 € to 1800 €
  • Gallo Nucleus Solos - from 1100 € to 1000 €
  • Audio System Bundle: MF KW500 + Gallo Solos - 2500 € (including Goertz Python 2.4m cables)
  • Audioquest Dragonfly v 1.0: from 140 € to 80 €
  • Electrostatic bundle: Energizer SRD-X Professional + Stax Lambda normal bias - 250 €
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