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Three new products in the making

Upon request of some customers, we have developed three new products:

  • The first one, we have already discussed about: the tomcat battery module: the one used in the HP92/97 and the HP41c printers. It is bound to be expensive, because the 3D printing process makes the piece expensive. I will show pictures later when I have both pieces and assemble them.
  • A Spice battery holder: there is always a problem with the AA batteries, since they are jusr slightly too long to enter properly. So Ignacio Sánchez had the idea of using AAA batteries, and creating some adaptor with springs that allows it to fit. you can see a picture here. Some samples will arrive soon.
  • Spice_-_4
  • The last one is a couple of side locks for the card reader. These get broken from time to time, and it is a real pain to find others! There is also the added problem of having the metal springs well attached. It is quite difficult to get them in place when reassembly the machine - thus we have made them integral to the part. Let's hope that the flexibility of the part is good enough for the task. In my opinion, this was not the brightest design moment in HP's history! For the sake of manufacturability, we produce 5 pair in the same "tree":
  • sidelocks_card_reader
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