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True leather case for HP17bII and other Pioneer calculators

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New, true leather case for HP Pioneer calculators, including HP17bII, HP10b, HP14b, HP27s, HP22s, HP32s, HP42s calculators. Dark brown color like the original.

The original Pioneer calculators had a vinyl case that resisted quite well the passage of time - and that was designed to be kept in the jacket pocket. It also had the knitting "inwards" so that it occupied the less possible space for a given volume.

Later versions (HP17bII+) have been made in false leather (called PE), which has a very low resistence to external scratches. There are several types but all of them in my possession have now a very bad aspect after few years. For the current HP17bII+, the case is not even suited for jacket pocket, since it has very square corners.

We have decided to create real leather cases that stand the passage of time, made with the same material that pocked cardholders and money holders are made. We have selected a manufacturer in Ubrique (Spain), famous for this kind of work. We sent to them the originals and the calculators that go with it, so that the case you have with you is not something similar that fits well - it has been expressly designed for your calculator

Please take a look also to the leather cases for Voyager (HP12c y HP15c).


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True leather case for HP12c, HP15c and Voyager calculators True leather case for HP12c, HP15c and Voyager calculators
from 20.00 € *
HP 17BII original - USED HP 17BII original - USED
50.00 € *
HP 17bII+old - USED HP 17bII+old - USED
61.52 € *
HP17bII - black - used HP17bII - black - used
75.00 € *
HP17bII HP32s HP42s battery cover HP17bII HP32s HP42s battery cover
24.00 € *
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