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Screws for Coconut calculators

image22Lately we're introducing diverse products to help repair for our beloved calculators. 

Most of the repairing needs are about the HP41C family of calculators (code-named Coconut). As you know, we have developed several repair methods for our own repair needs, and we're now marketing it.

What we were missing was feet and lower screws. In the Coconut series, the screws are located below the rubber feet. Initially, calculators were shipped with very short lower screws. This was not important at the beginning: their only use was to close the case's both halves. But later on, HP supressed the nuts that held together the processor and the keyboard, and the pressure required to ensure that the zebra connectors were working passed on to a couple of integrated rings in the back case. These rings were putting pressure on the circuit by means of the lower screws. Therefore, these had henceforth to bear pressure on the thread - and this became a weak point of the calculator. Basically 30% of all calculators needing repair suffer from a problem down below; the biggest defect cause is the corroded battery contact.

HP repaired the calculators putting longer screws. This is still valid even if the post is partially broken - the threads go deeper and the repair holds for longer. Now, the problem was to source these screws.

We have found a reliable source for these screws and we will have in two qualities: stainless steel finish and black finish. For reasons we cannot fathom, the black ones are 9 times more expensive than the others. We will store both for you. 

These are supposed to arrive mid next week and, after some final testing, we will put them in the shop then!! Prices yet to be decided.

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Comments: 1

jose gonzalez |
RE: Screws for Coconut calculators
Probably we will put together a pack with 4 feet and 4 screw - two upper and two lower. To lower the admission costs, these could be shipped as unregistered letter, to have a lower overall cost.
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