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HP Prime (G8X92AA) available again

We have discovered that the HP Prime (G8X92AA version) was not available for ordering, while we have a healthy stock in our shop. We don’t even know if that’s been the case for several days - but it is now back on line.

The same has happened to a couple of other products (for example, the bundle with the SmartStream 410 data logger was missing too. I hope no one was deterred from their purchase by this!

Remember that the beauty of the G8X92AA vs the older NW280AA is that the first one works seamlessly with the SmartStream 410 data logger and all Fourier probes; while the older version cannot. For the rest of standalone applications, there is no difference. We make sure that your unit is a G8X92AA.

Please remember to update yours with the new firmware (version 6975, available since 16.12.2014). You can find it in the HP sites - please revert to previous blog issues to see download sites and procedure.

The stability is greatly improved, and most of the previous bugs and inconsistent behavior have disappeared. I say “most” instead of “all” for the sake of not making an absolute statement, but there have been no problems whatsoever since I made the last update.

There are other items that we all expect in the new releases, but not so much centered in solving bugs, as to in extending capabilities.

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